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Canes To Wheelchairs: Considering Mobility Devices

| May 30, 2006

close up of a hand pushing a wheelchair and a hand grasping a cane“How you get around has a big impact on what things you can do and where you can go. Many people who have lived with a disability for a long time, have found that careful consideration of what is the best way to get around has been a key to their independence.”

Some good reading for those who are thinking about getting a walking aid or wheelchair to help with those long hauls. The post was written by a good friend and a legend in the field of assisted mobility, Jean Minkel, MA, PT.

Canes To Wheelchairs: Considering Mobility Devices

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  1. Gimpy Mumpy says:

    I couldn’t get the link to the article to work (it went to Microsoft.com). Would love to read it though.
    As someone who agonized over the walker vs. cane issue I know that making mobility device choices can not only be difficult but also have a major impact on your future health.
    Looking forward to reading the article at a later date. :)

  2. Ziggi says:

    Gee Whiz! I was just testing you. You passed. I’m getting a bit sloppy lately. Thanks for keeping me honest Mumpy. It’s all fixed.