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Extreme X8 All Terrain Powered Wheelchair

| March 26, 2009

The Extreme X8 is the latest release from all terrain wheelchair maker Magic Mobility. Extreme X8 is the next generation iteration of the companies popular Magic Mobility 4×4.

Magic Mobility states an increased top speed of 10 kilometres per hour, that’s 6.2 miles per hour, and all new high torque motors. The patented passive steering system can now be enhanced with an otinal straight line steering lock. Articulated frame technology helps to keep all 4 driving wheels on the ground and low pressure 14" tires certainly help out with traction issues.
Side and back view of Magic Mobility Extreme X8 all terrain powered wheelchair

The Extreme X8 can haul a 400 pound human payload but you can bet that battery depletion will be up and top end speed will come down some. The wheelchair is just over 45 inches long but the manufacturer does not state how that is measured, with or without legrests, frame length only, etc. Chair width is just about 28 but again how that is measured is not stated.

A word on wheelchair widths- There are a number of variables in determining wheelchair widths. A manufacturer might measure width based on the widest part of the power base. This might be sidewall to sidewall on the tires. This in fact may be the widest part of the wheelchair when constructed in a standard configuration with a 16" or 18" wide seat. Now let’s assume that a user needs a wider seat that when installed hangs out further than the side of the tires then exceeding the manufacturer’s stated width. Or, wide positioning armrests are added which protrude further than the stated width. Or, a control joystick box is mounted externally of the arm rest increasing width by 4 or 5 inches.

Back to the Extreme X8. It is an exciting looking wheelchair with a number of color and non-cosmetic options. Like any all-terrain wheelchair it really can’t be judged by it’s indoor potential or how intact it will leave the china and crystal department at Fortunoffs after you roll through.

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