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Finally An Innovative New Crutch Design

| July 16, 2010


Here’s something you don’t see everyday, or every year, or even every 20 years. An innovative new spin on the centuries old crutch.

Of course there have been changes to the classic solid wooden crutch of yesteryear but most of those have been in materials and weight.

The smartCRUTCH has gone much further with its modular design and allowances for user customization. Not to mention the color choices and a great futuristic sporty look.


Here are some of the smartCRUTCH features:

  • Increased surface are resulting in a six fold reduction in pressure
  • More comfort through even distribution of hands and forearms
  • Fully adjustable settings to meet personal mobility requirements
  • 14 position “push-pin” height adjustment
  • Locking spline allows for secure rotational angle settings
  • Ergonomically design grips for added comfort and support
  • 4 point forearm length settings
  • Hourglass-shaped foot maximizes ground contact regardless of leg position

Review of Smart Crutches from Josh on Vimeo.

Visit the smartCRUTCH website.

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  1. Dave says:

    I cant see this being anything more than fly by night product. I watched the movie and heard the distinctive \click\ when the crutch hits the floor. That means that it is adjustable in height to some, others it means another weak point that wears out and can fail. The bulk of the cuff would drive anyone crazy, you have to deal with two sticks anyway why would you want more bulk. The adjustability of the cuff again leads to failure and when you break a cuff you go down. Hard. The smartcrutch isnt for the individual that needs forearm crutchs for daily mobility. If you need a product that last, the only company in america that will do is Thomas Fetterman. Their Titanium crutchs are the most comfortable and durrable that I have every used. Plus if you want some color you can add \stocking\ over it….