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New Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair

| December 5, 2013

Sand Rider Beach WheelchairIf you’re a wheelchair user who longs for the soft shores of a sandy beach or the refreshing slap of ocean waves on your body then the new Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair may be just the wheels that can make it happen.

The Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair is a new product from Virginia Beach Products LLC of Virginia, and it aims to make getting back to the surf more fun and easier than ever. The Sand Rider was purpose designed with input from end users and after considerable research into the shortcomings of existing beach wheelchair products. According to Virginia Beach Products CEO, Bill Fertig, a wheelchair user and outdoor enthusiast himself- “The Sand Rider was designed to be fun, stylish, and easy to push and transport from place to place.”

Here’s what makes the difference- The Sand Rider is a relatively lightweight beach wheelchair clocking in at mere 47 pounds. Which is 47 pounds that will never have to be lifted in one shot. The entire assembly easily tears down to 3 components and the two large wheels in around one minute or less by way of threaded thumbscrews in key locations. Once disassembled the heaviest part is 12 pounds. This makes the Sand Rider relatively easy to transport in nothing more than the trunk of the family car and stored in almost any closet.

Push-ability over that lovely soft sand is enhanced by low pressure balloon tires (4lbs) in a trike configuration which enhances tracking and eases the push. The wheels are of synthetic material with internal enclosed bearings to keep sand and water from causing deterioration. A sophisticated push handle design and convenient front pull point lets you travel from your car to the water with ease. Again, the total unit weighs 47 pounds and the length is 75 inches long. The ergonomically designed single structure push handle is sloped back with slanted sides to facilitate better grasp or multiple handlers. The height from floor to the top of the push handle is a very comfortable 60 inches.

The seat height is 18″ from the floor making it an easy transfer for both short and tall users. Both armrests swing away allowing for easier transfers from either side and the leg/foot support unit can be repositioned on the frame to allow for maximum support and comfort.

Virginai Beach Products did achieve a “fun” look in this product with the forward rake and curved frame giving the Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair the look of being ready for action. Top it off with a choice of colors, my favorite being hot pink, and this aerodynamic sand surfer should not only be fun but should also turn many a head. For the couch potato, excuse me, for the chair potato or the sportsman, the Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair can be fitted with an optional innovative cup holder that multitasks as a beach umbrella holder or a fishing rod holder.

Virginia Beach Products will be formally announcing the Sand Rider and launching their marketing campaign in April of 2014 but they can be purchased now. Please check their website for purchase details.

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Some details:
Base system cost: $2300.00
Upgrade model: $2555.00. The upgrade model comes with the cup holder/umbrella mount/fishing rod holder, wide comfort fit armrests andĀ  wheel locks. A travel/storageĀ  bag is also available for an additional fee.
Frame: Aluminum with stainless steel fasteners
Upholstery: Vinyl coated polyester. All upholstery is UV protected.
Warranty: Manufacturer defect under normal use for three years.
Returns: 30 days with a full refund of purchase price minus a 20% restocking fee.
Available customization: Frame and upholstery

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