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Roof Spider- Car Top Wheelchair Carrier

| April 23, 2007

There are a number of ways to transport your manual wheelchair in a car. For those who are able, the cheapest and most expedient way is to transfer the wheelchair into the vehicle with you. If you’re a bit light on independence you can always find someone to heave the wheelchair in and out of the car for you. Well, maybe always, or maybe a helping hand is a tall order on most days.

A solution for those who find themselves short on muscle and thin on handy helpers is a wheelchair car top carrier. The Roof Spider is the latest device of this type.

The Roof Spider allows a wheelchair user to independently load a manual folding wheelchair by activating a hoisting mechanism.

The storage box opens and a hoisting mechanism lowers. This mechansim is attached to the wheelchair and upon activation the wheelchair is hoisted up into the storage box. It’s all automated and can work from either side of the car. When you get there just reverse the process and off you go.

The Roof Spider does increase the overall height of a vehicle so one needs to stay heads up in low clearance areas.


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  1. Mary Barber says:

    Can you please send me more info including the cost of a Spider? thanks, Mary Barber

  2. How much is the Roof Spider and is there any help out there for someone in need of one, but without financial resources? Thanks for the info.

  3. Bob Trabucchi says:

    Would like pricing and dealers in mid east coast North Carolina

  4. Would like pricing and dealers in mid North Carolina east coast