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Stair Climbing Power Wheelchair

| September 26, 2005

The TopChair is a new stair and curb climbing power wheelchair manufactured by HMC2Développement in France. You can see a video of the chair in action at this location.

TopChair stair and curb climbing power wheelchairHere are some of the specs-

• Length (foot-rests excluded) 99 cm
• Width 67.5 cm
• Weight without batteries 100 kg
• Battery weight 40 kg
• Seat tilt -5° + 30°
• Drive wheels 35.5cm (14″)
• Front wheels 20 cm (8″)
• Turning diameter 85 cm
• Maximum speed (wheels) 9.2 km/h
• Maximum speed (tracks) 0.7 km/h
• Range (wheels) 30-40 km
• Range (tracks) 300-400 steps
• Motors (wheels)2 x 350 w
• Motors (tracks) 2 x 400 w
• Maximum curb or stair height(tracks)20 cm
• Climbing ability (wheels) 18 % (10°)
• Climbing ability (tracks) 70 % (35°)


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  1. Anna says:

    I distinctly remember a chair like this being shown on the news a few years ago where I live in NZ. it was a NZ made product. They did this article showing the differences between this chair and a manual chair.

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