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Standing Golf Wheelchair

| November 22, 2010

ParaGolfer wheelchair from Otto BockHot for golfers with lower extremity paralysis or amputee golfers who thought their days on the green were over.

The ParaGolfer from Otto Bock is a golf wheelchair that allows a player to stand up while playing. The ParaGolfer is designed to tackle the hills and rough terrain found on many golf courses.

Traverse the course in a seated position and then stand up to hack away. While it won’t make a pro out of a hacker, it will put the game back in proper perspective.

Steering of the ParaGolfer is realised through differential control of the drive wheels. The rear wheel can rotate freely around the steering axle, what gives the ParaGolfers its good manoeuvrability and allows, for example, to turn on the spot.

The sports wheelchair is controlled by an enAble50 wheel- chair control system. It includes a control panel to enter driving commands and display the current status as well as a controller that controls the drive motors and other electrical functions based on the input data. Data transmission is realized via a bus system. Since the enAble50 can be programmed, it is possible to adapt the control unit to the personal requirements of the user; e. g. the speed, acceleration and deceleration values can all be adapted.

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