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The Ziesel Tracked All Terrain Wheelchair Wannabe

| November 5, 2013

ZieselMy how things are changing. You can’t even call some things a wheelchair now that wheels are no longer an integral part of some wheelchairs.  Anyway, this splendid example of a tracked all terrain wheelchair is not a wheelchair at all.

The Ziesel is actually designed to be a fun people mover and not what we would consider a purposed “wheelchair”. But what the heck, if the mover fits then use it. And this juiced up hunk of engineering designed by Mattro Mobility Revolutions of Austria looks like something many a wheelchair user would swap for.  Aside from the extreme looks, this tracked all terrain wheelchair wannabe packs some mean features that you are just not going to find nested under any wheeler that you might know.

Here are some of the technical high points:

Ziesel 21. Always first on the want to know list, the speed. How about a hair blowing 22mph!
2. Batteries are Lithium-Ion and should last for 5 hours if you take it easy and stay off of the high end speed.
3. The power train: 2x PMS electric Disc Motors, Rated power 4,8kW / 6,5 HP, Peak power 15,4kW / 20,9 HP, Torque 400Nm
4. Controls: Joystick with intellegent input-analysis with redundant security checks of complete system and preset driving profiles for use in different driving scenarios.
5. Construction is tubular steel with rollover protection, 4 point safety harness, body contoured seat, Deltatracks for road grip and stability.
6. For good measure you can have a towbar added so that you can drag your snowmobile along behind you.
7. Price you ask? I knew someone would spoil the fun. Somewhere around $30,000.00 American or almost as much as a high end powered wheelchair. And I don’t think they will take your cruiser in on trade. No way, don’t even think about asking medicare/medicaid/insurance/Santa or any of your friends to float you for one of these.

Maybe most wheelchair users can’t afford this fun set of wheels and maybe this tracked all terrain wheelchair wannabe isn’t really a “wheelchair”.  Still, it’s nice to wish and dream and it is still very cool.

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