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Pdg Bentley Tilt Wheelchair
Image of PDG Bentley Tilt Wheelchair
Dependent - independent manual wheelchair
• Tilt seating system.
• Adjustable seat height - 14" to 20". • The seat and back support include shock absorbers to enhance occupant safety.
• Short and long frames.
 End UserCaregiverClinician
# Reviews011
Ease of use?03.005.00
Meet expectations?02.005.00
Overall Rating:
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Tony from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, USA submitted this review on March 12th 2011 at 04:47 PM. Tony is a care giver who has one to six months of experience with the product.
Strengths:The chair is comfortable for my brother to sit in.
Weaknesses:Very cheap front wheels and 3 point jack plate parts and implementation.
Comments:This chair was acquired through United Rehab Specialists, Inc, and never has left the tiled floors of the inside of my brother's nursing home. In less than six weeks, the three point jack plates began falling off, apparently because they were not secured in any other way than the threaded rod end they were threaded onto. In addition, less than two months after the wheelchair was delivered, both front wheel tires began to split all the way around the tire at the center seam *during the same week*, making the chair inoperable to roll. I can only understand this to be a product design flaw, but United Rehab Specialists, Inc., insists the failure is due to "abuse", even though
1) the chair has only been used indoors on a tiled floor, and
2) my brother can only move himself with his right hand and right foot. To be clear, he has absolutely no use of his left leg or left arm.

Otherwise the chair seems reasonably well constructed, but these parts are TERRIBLE:
1) the front wheel tires that apparently were original equipment on the chair, and
2) the 3 point jock plates that were apparently optional equipment and may have been from chair manufacturer, or may have simply been very poorly installed by the Vendor, United Rehab Specialists, Inc.

United Rehab Specialists, Inc., insists that these are not 'defects', even though no person in possession of their faculties (or, stated otherwise, "nobody in their right mind") would expect front wheels on a new wheelchair to simply "fall apart" on tile floors after less than 2 months of use when pulled along by a user with use of only the right foot, and pushed with the right hand on the back wheel.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 2 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 3 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 2 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 1 Overall
Susan from Nova Scotia, Canada submitted this review on January 31st 2006 at 01:51 PM. Susan is a clinician who has six months to a year of experience with the product.
Strengths:It is very user friendly wheelchair. I like easy to remove legrests, and the fact that residents feet can touch the floor even when the chair is in the tilt position. Alzheimer's residents do well with this chair because having the feet planted on the floor has a calming effect, decreasing agitation.
Weaknesses:If the tension on the tilt is not set to residents own weight, the chair can pop upright to the seated position too quickly and can startle the resident.
Comments:I have ordered too more of this particular wheelchair for geriatric patients, I think this is a great chair for someone needing only minimal tilt. It completely user friendly for staff to use.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 4 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 4 Overall


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