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The Standing Company Superstand
Image of The Standing Company Superstand
Manual standing wheelchair. ****NO TECHNICAL DATA AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME*****
 End UserCaregiverClinician
# Reviews200
Ease of use?4.5000
Meet expectations?5.0000
Overall Rating:
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Mitchell from Lynn Center, IL submitted this review on December 9th 2005 at 03:44 PM. Mitchell is an end user who has over a year of experience with the product.
Strengths:First and foremost this Superstand wheelchair is manufactured in the United States "Saginaw Michigan". That means if I ever have a question or comment about the Superstand I'm able to speak right to the manufacture. Not someone who just wants to sell a product. These people really believe in and stand strong behind their wheelchair. My Superstand is 10 years old. It has never given me any problems. Imagine the thousands of times I've been up and down. Not once has any component shown any sign of fatigue. The strength to weight ratio is second to none.
Weaknesses:I'm having a hard time coming up with a weekness. Some say the superstand can't be used as an everyday chair. Well heck they need to talk to me. I do and have used mine every day
"all day" for 10 years.
Comments:As far as I'm concerned, there are no other Standing wheelchairs.
I was injured in 1990. I have a C5/6 spinal injury. I got my Superstand in 1995 and have been standing ever since. I have seen other standing wheelchairs, some look more sporty, but none are built to the quality and durability of the Superstand from the The Standing Wheelchair Company. Almost anyone can use the Superstand.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 5 Overall
Edward from Hagerstown, Indiana, USA submitted this review on January 7th 2005 at 09:13 PM. Edward is an end user who has over a year of experience with the product.
I live on a farm and I am very hard on wheelchairs. The Super Stand is designed well and is really rugged. It is made of square tube steel and it is built to last. All of the major hinge points on the chair have brass bushings making the chair rebuildable. The chair comes with a two year guarantee on everything but tires and upholstery. My Super Stand is simple to use and easy to maintain. It is available in three versions. 1. Full manual Which is styled like a traditional manual chair and it has manual standing. 2. Full Power Which is Electric mobility and electric power standing, and 3. Half Power Which is Electric mobility and manual standing. I have the half power version. One design feature that I really like is any of the three versions can be converted over to any other version. For example: If someone purchases a manual Super Stand but later needs a power chair they do not need to purchase a new chair because the Super Stand can be upgraded to either power mobility plus power standing can be added too.
I have a T1 SCI and I am able to easily stand my chair. It only takes about 4 lbs of pressure and 4 seconds for me to stand my chair. The manual standing mechanism is assisted by a set of gas shocks like the ones that are used to open hatch backs and tail gates on mini vans. The gas shocks come in various sizes to accommodate people ranging form 70 lbs to 450 lbs. Most people with a C6 SCI should be able to manually stand themselves. Individuals who are C5 and over can easily operate the full power model through the joy stick. My chair has been very reliable. I have enjoyed the personalized service from the Standing Company. They are a small company based in Saginaw Michigan. I like the fact that I can call them on the phone and personally talk to the owner and the chairs designer. Each chair is custom built. I had a couple of suggestions to improve my chair and the Standing Company readily took my ideas and added them onto my chair. I like the armrest design which also serves as chest supports when I stand and flip back out of the way for easy transfers. They are made of comfortable padded leather and also provide great support and balance when seated.
Finally, the motors have good power, and the batteries provide good driving range, charge quickly, and have lasted two years under hard daily use.
My Super Stand shows little signs of weakness but in an honest critique I must discuss the following items. 1. Though weight may not be an issue for everyone the manual Super Stand is a heavier chair than most manual wheelchairs. This could be a problem for the user who is looking for an ultra light wheelchair to toss in the back seat of their convertible however both the half power and full power models are comparable if not lighter than most power chairs. 2. I did encounter some problems with one of my front forks after hitting a deep chuck hole. I am pleased to report that the Standing Company was quick to ship me heavier front fork replacements once I reported the problem.
3. The front foot pedals had a tendency to occasionally dig in when dragging on a curb cut or steep ramp. Again, I had a good resolution when I called the Standing Company and suggested that they fit small rollers to the bottom of my foot pedals to prevent this. The Standing Company was quick to refit my foot pedals with my suggestion and they now manufacture every Super Standing Wheelchair with a similar roller design. I appreciate their willingness to take and adopt consumer input.
I was injured at age twenty-one in 1982. Prior to getting my Super Stand standing wheelchair I had not stood in nearly twenty years. I was surprised the first time I stood to learn how stable and secure I felt. I was doubly surprised that I did not experience any dizziness or light headedness. I also instantly felt a relief to my chronic lower back pain. I quickly adapted to using my Super Stand. Standing provides me many health benefits. Within the first two weeks I was able to eliminate a case of foot drop by standing frequently for short durations until my ankles stretched back to their normal condition. When standing I am preventing future contractures, and helping to reduce urinary tract infections. Since getting my Super Stand I have not had a serious urinary tract infection and I have been able to reduce my spasticity to such a level that I no longer need to take medication for it. I understand that this might not be the case for everyone but I believe that most people who use wheelchairs could benefit form standing too. My Super Stand pays for itself by preventing pressure sores each time I stand. Standing is the ultimate pressure relief. Finally, the things I enjoy most about standing in my Super Stand is my increased independence. I am now able to things that were once unimaginable like; changing a light bulb, reaching the top shelf, standing in the back of a crowded room, standing in Church, standing for the pledge, and talking to others eye to eye. I really enjoy making people smile when they see me stand.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 4 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 5 Overall
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